Chewing Gum and Graffiti Removal

When it comes to the presentation of your home, business or commercial outlet nothing can create more of a negative impression than the presence of graffiti. Simply stated, graffiti attracts more graffiti unless it can be removed prompty.

As with any chemical on a porous surface the quicker the solvent can be removed the more effective the deep clean power wash can be. This is particularly important to take into consideration with the level of expectation of results from power washing on graffiti that has been in situ for a lengthy period of time.

Establishing which, from the many different types of substances used by the vandal to assessing the types of surface vandalised and applying the most effective solutions is an equal art in itself.

It is a process that all our operatives are trained in and is a process paramount to the success of any graffiti removal. In most cases, if treated quickly CDS can remove all the graffiti and then apply a clear anti-graffiti coating to allow any further defacement to be removed far quicker.

Chewing gum is a very difficult type of litter to remove. Its sticky nature means conventional cleaning methods struggle to remove it from all types of surfaces and its mere presence and the unattractive stains that it causes can also have a further negative perception of a business or premises. CDS can tackle this issue quickly and effectively. Within an 8 hour period and a team of 3 men working concurrently an average of 12,000 pieces of chewing gum can be removed from site using a mixture of battery-powered backpack or industrial generator powered chewing gum removal machines.

Having contracts with both County and District councils as well as the Mansfield BID, CDS are regularly required to quote for individual retail outlets or public buildings.

All our operatives are CIS, IPAF accredited and Asbestos awareness trained, while RAMS are provided when attending all working sites.

CDS Ltd are happy to undertake work on a supply & measure or day work basis. References can be obtained from any of our client list below:

AJM Drylining Ltd

Baytree Interiors Ltd

Budget Ceilings Ltd

C G Theron Construction Ltd

DCL Drywall Contractors Ltd

Flagship Ltd

Flex Interiors Ltd

Framework Decorators Ltd

FSL Interiors Ltd

Kingston Drywall Limited

L G Taping & Jointing Ltd

Maun Interiors Ltd


Midlands Drylining Ltd

Rose Interiors Ltd

Tapper Interiors Ltd

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